Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Preventive Maintenance

We’ll shut down parts or all of your system and check for any potentional failures. We tighten all set screws, loose chains, and belts. We grease/lube all bearings and chains checking for alignment and wear. We inspect and replace bad lacings as part of the PM.

Maintenance Inspections

We check as much of your system as possible while running. We further investigate any squeaks, noises, or vibrations.

Technical Support

We assist you for some problems over the phone. Our techs will walk you through your problem to get you running again.

Conveyor Installations

We install a wide range of conveyor and other products. Conveyor, flow and pallet racking, security fencing, machine guarding. (Custom fab or factory purchased) Yellow highway guards and handrails.

Controls and Electrical Repair & Service

We add or change components to your existing system. We replace motors, photo eyes, estops, ect…

Pneumatics Mechanical & Electrical

We install copper piping and all pneumatic devices. Stops custom built for your system, mechanical or electrical.

Removal, Relocations & Alterations

We specialize in removal of systems, equipment, and storage racking. We can relocate your existing system to another facility or alter your system to accommodate new customer needs.

Scissor Lift Tables Installation, Maintenance, Service & Repair

We sell new Southworth lifts, repair your old models, and sell used models. Call for current used models in stock.

Copper - Full Plant Installation

We install the air compressor to the last pneumatic device. We penetrate and seal through fire walls. We’ve installed 10,000 ft. of copper pipe and 8,000 ft. of poly tubing on a single job. Complete compressor room installation. (compressors, dryers, bulk tanks, and oil/water collectors)

Specializing In But Not Limited To:

  • HK
  • Custom Installed Security, Fencing, and Cages
  • Shelving
  • Racking
  • Allen Bradley PLC